Rick Perry is running for Governor again in 2014

He is until he specifically says he isn’t, anyway. I don’t see any reason to call what we’re seeing otherwise.

These corndogs don't pay for themselves ya know

Gov. Rick Perry has quietly replenished his depleted campaign war chest since he abandoned his presidential bid in January, fueling speculation that the longest-serving governor in Texas history will seek yet another term in 2014.

Perry raised $1.9 million from the start of the year through June — convincing donors to keep writing big checks even after a series of gaffes during his White House run left his political future looking murky.

His political committee, Texans for Rick Perry, now has about $3.3 million cash on-hand. This exceeds the $2.9 million he had midway through 2008, two years before he waged a nasty but successful battle during the Republican gubernatorial primary against U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, then bested Democrat Bill White in the general election.

“He must be raising a lot of money for something,” said Scott Caven, a Houston banker who was finance director for Perry’s gubernatorial campaigns in 2002 and 2006 but later resigned because he didn’t agree with the governor’s decision to seek a third full term.

I admit that he could be raising money just for the hell of it. It is his core competency, after all. He could subsequently convert it into a PAC and continue playing in whatever races he wanted to. But it’s much more fun to do so as Governor, and why would he want to quit? It’s not like he’s being challenged for the post right now.

[AG GReg] Abbott raised $3 million during the first six months of the year, bringing his campaign funds to an impressive $14.5 million. He also has strong statewide name recognition, helping Texas sue the federal government 21 times since Obama took office.

But Eric Bearse, an Abbott spokesman and a former top Perry aide, said the attorney general isn’t worrying about his political future yet.

“The only thing that we’re focused on is maintaining a close, cordial relationship with the governor,” he said.

“They have been friends for a long time. They work closely together and will continue to do so

In the meantime, he won’t even stick his little toe in the water by endorsing his former Solicitor General Ted Cruz in the primary runoff for US Senate against Perry’s boy David Dewhurst. Does this sound like a man who is ready to fight for the right to run for Governor, or one who is waiting for it to be handed to him on a silver platter? Which, I admit, Perry could still do for him. I’m just not going to believe it till I hear it from his own mouth.

UPDATE: Burka suggests Abbott versus Dewhurst for Lite Guv, and George P. Bush to run against Perry; apparently there are some rumors to that effect. I can see the former, but the latter? Color me dubious.

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