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AG shuts down bogus charity museum

It’s an extremely rare privilege to point out something of actual positive value done by our Attorney General.

The doors will finally close on the Texas Highway Patrol Museum in San Antonio, a charity that raised millions of dollars under the guise that the money would benefit state troopers and their families, yet spent less than a penny of every fundraising dollar on that effort.

After receiving dozens of complaints about the charity, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott sued the museum in December, accusing the charity’s leaders of squandering donations. He sought to permanently shut it down.

On Tuesday, a settlement filed in a Travis County courtroom ended the lawsuit – and the museum.

See here and here for some background. This “charity” was not connected to the Department of Public Safety, and did not pay out the $10,000 death benefit promised by them to the widows of numerous slain state troopers. They will finally receive that money as part of this settlement. Good on everyone involved for getting this done, though as Grits notes, there are still more scams like this out there.

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