Interview with Ann Johnson

Ann Johnson

Harris County has been a hotbed of interesting legislative races over the past decade, with five incumbents losing general elections in State Rep. contests since 2004. Two of those victories by challengers occurred in HD134. Trying to make the third time a charm is Democrat Ann Johnson, running against freshman Sarah Davis. Johnson is an attorney and advocate for children who won a landmark case before the Supreme Court than forced the state to recognize child prostitutes as victims and not offenders. Johnson is a cancer survivor and the daughter of a former State Rep and a former Civil District Court judge. If she wins, she would join Representative-Elect Mary Gonzalez of El Paso as one of the only two out GLBT legislators in Austin.

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You can still find a list of all interviews I did for this primary cycle, plus other related information, on my 2012 Harris County Primary Elections page and my 2012 Texas Primary Elections page, which I now need to update to include fall candidate information. You can also follow this blog by liking its Facebook page.

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7 Responses to Interview with Ann Johnson

  1. Art pronin says:

    How can we believe anything State Rep Sarah Davis says? She says she wants Texas women to have access to well woman exams, yet voted to ensure that 300,000 women in need could not have such necessary assistance. Davis now claims that Roe v Wade is ok, but in 2010 she said just the opposite. She voted to cut 5.4 billion from the schools, yet claims in a ad that she voted for the most ever for our schools! I’m tired of watching these kind of politicians who try to be everything to everyone. I’m voting for another candidate who has shown principle this November

  2. joshua bullard says:

    Here’s my problems that i have with ann over sarah davis,ann johnson’s heart is in the legal defense of juveniles-i admire this and respect this-however ann johnson’s heart is not in public service,shes a lawyer and you wouldnt want to not consider this-shes also a heavy left democrat-so you know shes gonna tax you at a time when both dems and r’s are in need of every dollar they can get their hands on,most importantly ann johnson hasnt been anywhere in the community-no civic club meetings,no management district meetings,to say the least ann has been non active in the very community she wishes to be elected-fortunatly for the public,politics dont come that easy,there are reasons why ann has lost race after race after race-and you know if shes wasnt “d” then charles kuffner would have already tagged her perineill candidate a hundred goes..
    I endorse sarah davis for the 134th and heres why-this lady is fueled by passion to serve the public-even the says that on several tough issues she voted against the “bussiness as usual politics”in austin.sarah has managed to pull joint visions from democrats and r’s to find a common ground that works-i must admit,i was a little stand offish with sarah in 2010,but even most democrats in the 134th enjoy her well grounded leadership and compassion for peoples rights and that deserves another showing…my hats off to sarah davis for the 134th,this is the candidate i am backing.

    Sidewalks in sunnyside/blueridgereedwood
    Joshua ben bullard 832-258-7511

  3. Asn says:

    This is in response to Joshua:

    1. Ann Johnson has been a strong advocate for the rights of children. Not only their rights in the judicial system, but also their medical and educational rights. If elected, I know she will be the biggest proponent for accessible, accountable, and high-performing schools, as well as protecting access to healthcare for women and children. Her “heart” is in improving the conditions of the residents of her district and the State of Texas.

    2. I don’t know where the categorization of “heavy-left democrat” came from, but if you obviously have not read her policy positions. Please do so at your leisure.

    3. As far as her attendance at organization and community meetings: I think you haven’t seen her there because you haven’t yourself attended these events. Any member of an organization in HD134 can tell you of at least one occasion when they have met Ann Johnson, have seen her speak. I have seen her speak at least 3 times to three different groups in 134. You are either being willfully misleading, or are woefully misinformed.

    4. Please list the number of offices she has sought in the past? perhaps they were outside of Harris County because the County Clerk has no record of her having run for any other office.

    5. Learn how to spell (perennial, business) . Or invest in autoedit.

    6. <——– Go here for facts on the best candidate in HD 134.

  4. Art pronin says:

    ASN- amen! It is fiscally conservative to educate our children. Why? Bc it cost WAY more to incarcerate in juvie etc. Way more. Cutting funds for the kids now in school means we all pay dearly later.

    Davis gave 2 grand to McCain, then caucused for Hillary, ran on a conserva platform in 10, voted to gut planned parenthood and worse starve our schools and thus our future, now this year claims in the paper she wont fight Roe and is for dr/patient privacy etc.. Oh but says her vote to defund PP was just fine. Ok then!

    The choice is plain: if you think our pub schools deserve to be funded properly and our children deserve a future as productive citizens then Ann Johnson is for you. If you think 300k Tx poor women should be able to have access to cancer screenings and well woman exams then Ann is for you. Bc it is fiscally conservative to take care of things like cancer NOW, not when its stage 4 and the woman winds up in the ER on the county tab. Ahem I mean YOUR tab.

    Vote for the fiscally responsible candidate Ann Johnson. There are residents of all stripes backing her-including many Republicans who do care about their schools.

  5. matx says:

    Joshua, you wrote: “ann johnson’s heart is not in public service,shes a lawyer and you wouldnt want to not consider this.”

    From Sarah Davis’ own re-election website: “Sarah is an accomplished and successful attorney devoting her career to defending against personal injury lawsuits.”

    Hmmmm. . .

  6. Ags Win says:

    Asn – Joshua is a troll. Pay no mind to him.

  7. Mainstream says:

    I was an early supporter of Sarah Davis, still am, still expect her to win comfortably. Contrary to Mr. Pronin’s wishful claim (he is after all a leader of a Meyerland Democrat club) I do not see any significant number of Republicans supporting Ms. Johnson, other than a few isolated friends or neighbors or former co-workers.

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