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Weekend link dump for September 16

National Talk Like A Pirate Day is this Wednesday. Better make sure your eyepatch and wooden leg are ready to go for the occasion.

The world’s oldest message in a bottle has been delivered.

Rainbows are more complicated than you might think.

The price of an e-book is likely to come down.

Is lunch bag artwork a thing? Yes, yes it is.

Another plea to fix iTunes. Just making it crash less would be nice. The good news is that Apple might have been listening to the cries for help.

It’s about time Medicaid was part of the national conversation.

Islamic poultry for Latino tables (via). Multiculturalism at its best.

Minnesota Viking punter Chris Klewe is awesome.

You will be able to opt out of ads on the new Kindle Fire. For a price, of course.

“The NSFW Social Media and Content-Sharing Platform the Internet’s Been Waiting for.”

Mitt Romney is a pre-existing condition.

“The odds that all 78 of the passengers who travel on an average-size U.S. domestic flight have properly turned off their phones are infinitesimal: less than one in 100 quadrillion, by our rough calculation. If personal electronics are really as dangerous as the FAA rules suggest, navigation and communication would be disrupted every day on domestic flights. But we don’t see that.”

Damn you, autocomplete!

Forget this planet, we can’t even protect Mars from man-made harm.

Could this be the end of the line for Michelle Bachmann? There will always be a gig at Fox News, I’m sure.

A year after the repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, American society stubbornly continues to refuse to fall.

“Vous” etes morte, at least on Twitter.

Be careful who you friend if you don’t know them already.

Who are the greatest explorers in history?

Here’s a rare photo of Emily Dickinson. You may now commence singing all of her poems to the tune of “The Yellow Rose of Texas”. You’re welcome.

More people have health insurance now than before, thanks to Obamacare.

I totally agree, Planned Parenthood should be funded like Catholic Charities. Great idea!

Sarah Palin, keeping it classy as always.

Pink slime lawsuit.

Such awesome values Gary Bauer has.

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