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The 2013 campaign season has officially begun

Sort of, anyway. Some of us received this email in our inboxes recently, touting the virtues of former Bill White chief of staff Terence Fontaine as a candidate for District D; incumbent Wanda Adams is term-limited out next year. I don’t know Mr. Fontaine and I don’t have any opinions on who might or should run in District D next year. I’m not going to think about the 2013 elections until the 2012 elections are safely in the past. But I do always wonder if emails like these really are coming from an organized group – “We are teachers, lawyers, community activists and business owners” this one proclaims – or a single individual, most likely a political consultant looking for an opportunity. In either case, what I really want to know is why are you using MailChimp? Did we learn nothing from the earlier unpleasantness? Seriously. Anyway, though Fontaine is not a declared candidate yet, he is the first named potential candidate for the open D seat. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more soon. Just, please, no sooner than November 7.

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