Et tu, Leo?

At least one person living near the Ashby Highrise is looking forward to its construction.

Coming to a neighborhood near you

Linbeck Group, a general contractor whose top executive lives in the neighborhood adjacent to the building site, is expected to start construction at the beginning of next year.

Executive chairman Leo Linbeck III said the company is taking on the project because it believes it “will be able to do the best job of mitigating the impact of the construction process.”

“I realize that folks may decide to attack us for our involvement. A lot of my neighbors are very unhappy, and I can’t change that,” he said. “But we really are trying to help, and I hope that they appreciate that.”

The developer, who announced Linbeck’s involvement late Wednesday, also said it had partnered with an El Paso real-estate firm, Hunt Cos., to develop and finance the project.


Bill Scott, division president at Linbeck Group, said the high-rise will be a technically challenging construction project. If it’s going to be built, “it ought to get built by someone that can do a very good job and can do it safely.”

Yes, if it’s going to be built at all it may as well be built well. As Swamplot notes, the construction schedule has slipped a bit since the last update, but on the other hand they now have funding, and that’s more important. We’ll see how much trouble gets stirred up as this proceeds.

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