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Weekend link dump for September 30

Is San Francisco too high tech for its own good?

Warp speed, Mr. Sulu.

A positive solution for plagiarism.

I had no idea Sparky Lyle was the (unwitting) pioneer of entrance music for relief pitchers.

A candy bar that stays with you long after you’ve eaten it.

Stephen King, public intellectual.

Data centers are big energy wasters.

Mitt Romney was against ERs acting as health insurance of last resort before he was for it.

The white working class is more diverse than you might think.

A TV adaption of Fargo? I hope they get it right.

The true face of “voter fraud”.

Google Maps goes under the sea.

“No aspect of our 21st-century lives is more parched of gayness than weddings. They are desperate for a fairy makeover.”

So why are the polls shifting now?

Those polls aren’t assuming a 2008 turnout model, either.

Is the Texas twang going extinct? You couldn’t tell by my mother-in-law, that’s all I know.

RIP, Herbert Lom. I refuse to acknowledge the existence of those other “Pink Panther” movies, because scenes like this cannot be replicated.

Hey, look, voter registration fraud. By an outfit hired by the Florida GOP. Oops. There’s some context to this you should be aware of as well.

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