No help from SCOTUS on voter registration


Still the only voter ID anyone should need

The U.S. Supreme Court late Tuesday denied an emergency request by a voter registration group that sought to block the state from enforcing changes made last year. The legislation adds hurdles for canvassers or groups that seek to increase voter participation through registration drives.

A trial will be held later to determine whether the new law is constitutional or violates state and federal law.


Project Vote Executive Director Michael Slater said he was disappointed with the Supreme Court’s action.

“The most important issue is that several million Texans are still not registered to vote,” Slater said. “Texas law should make it easier, not harder, for community members to help one another to register.”

See here, here, here, and here for more. The good news, I guess, is that the voter registration deadline is October 9, so a favorable ruling would not have had that much effect. This is all about a preliminary injunction – there has not been a final ruling in the lawsuit yet. One there is, we’ll undoubtedly go through more rounds of injunction- and stay-seeking and appealing, and eventually we’ll get a final answer. For now, we have to live with those petty little laws the Lege passed last year.

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