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Making the case for the parks

Ed Wulfe advocates for the parks-related referendum on the ballot.

Over the past several months, multiple organizations dedicated to Houston’s Bayou Greenway Initiative and a new organization, ParksByYou, have been uniting parks and bayou enthusiasts. Their work aims to mobilize all of us to vote “yes” for Proposition B on the ballot, a parks bond referendum that will pump $166 million into our parks and bayou properties – all of it targeted at real construction and capital improvements. While $66 million will be used to make critical improvements to existing neighborhood parks all across the city, $100 million of those funds will be matched with private dollars to finally close the gaps along our bayou system and create continuous parks and trails. In less than a decade, with these bond dollars, Houston will have more than 150 miles of trails and a park system like no other in America. Our bayous are Houston’s unique natural feature and will be improved, enhanced and expanded, rather than paved and neglected as in the past. Proposition B is a way to create parks and green space for all of us to experience and enjoy with no increase in taxes.

Our bayous meander through almost every neighborhood, and by building a system of connected linear parks along their banks, we will ensure that a majority of Houstonians will have access to green space within just a few miles of work or school or home. It’s been shown that regular physical activity reduces the risk of obesity, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases, and there is strong evidence showing that people exercise more when they have convenient access to parks and recreational opportunities. A vote for the parks bond will contribute to the overall health of Houston’s population while simultaneously enhancing our quality of life.

Parks along our bayous will inspire and energize economic development, increase property values, improve flood control and help manage water quality. The desirability of property located near parks and green space is high because people are attracted to inviting and pleasurable places to play and exercise, resulting in stronger and more active neighborhoods with appealing places for people of all ages.

Here’s the Parks By You website, if you want to learn more. As Wulfe notes, there are five city of Houston propositions on the ballot, each relating to bonds for different purposes. In addition to the parks referendum, there’s one each for public safety, “general government” which I believe has to do with the Solid Waste department, libraries, and housing. I think it’s an easy call to vote for them all, though only the parks issue has an active campaign promoting it. I’ll have an interview next week with Mayor Parker to discuss what these bonds are for and what they will do.

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  1. Anne Galbraith says:

    Charles, I’m curious why Ed Wulfe is a spokesman for this initiative. I know he has some good development work under his belt that improves streetscapes and connectivity, but I’m curious if there is some other benefit to developers, as a whole, that is not obvious in PBYs website content or this posting. It looks like a good honest push for parks and hopefully, it’s all above board for the public. Any idea?

  2. Anne – I have no reason to believe it’s anything other than a good honest push for the parks. People like green spaces, and developers definitely understand that.