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Friday random ten: For the ladies, part 8

We come to the end of our lady lists.

1. Roxanne – The Police
2. Sally Goodin – Hot Club of Cowtown
3. Sally Goodin – The Chieftains
4. Sally Simpson – The Who
5. Sister Fatima – Don McLean
6. Susie Q – Creedence Clearwater Revival
7. Sylvia’s Mother – Dr. Hook and The Medicine Show
8. Thumbelina – The Pretenders
9. Wendy – Rexway
10. Windy – The Association

In re: Sally Goodin, the line between Celtic folk and Western swing is finer than you might think. Hope you enjoyed this little excursion as much as I did. Maybe I’ll do the same thing for dude names. I’ll bet there are far fewer such songs in my collection.

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