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Early voting begins today

Shamelessly stolen from Greg, here’s a convenient Google map of the early voting locations in Harris County:

For the more traditional view plus hours and other information, visit Harris Votes. I intend to bring the girls with me when I vote this year, so I may have to do it over the weekend or next week, since the hours this week aren’t particularly accommodating for that. What’s your preferred early voting location, and when do you plan to do your duty? Leave a comment and let us know.

I will of course be tracking the daily EV totals as I get them from the County Clerk’s office. Here’s a Google spreadsheet I put together in 2008 that compared early voting that year to 2004. I’ll update this spreadsheet to include 2012 numbers as well.

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  1. John says:

    I went to Harris County Public Health (#9 on Harris votes) it was easy and tons of machines were open. Plus unlike West Gray you don’t have to walk past the mass of people pushing flyers for their candidates

  2. Greg Wythe says:

    Bayland Park had a line out the door prior to the lunch rush.

  3. voter says:

    West Grey was a very long line at 3:45. Got out about 4:20. The line did keep moving, and they had a lot of machines. They had plenty of staff available to minimize delay.

  4. Mainstream says:

    Many of the voters who usually go to West Gray would be closer to the new Harris County Public Health building site at 2223 West Loop, between Westheimer and San Felipe on the east side of the loop. I voted there for the primary. No crowds. No wait. Lots of machines.

  5. matx says:

    Acres Homes Multiservice Center. Arrived 1:30 p.m Monday, in line for 1.5 hours. Some people left when they saw how long the line was–hope they’ll be back! Election workers wore red white a blue flag styled shirts, so I guess the poll watchers were the thin-lipped, cardigan sweater-clad folks clutching their clipboards to the chests as they slithered around the voting machines.

  6. voter_worker says:

    The map at Harris Votes is very much improved; just click on the dot on the map, OR the address on the list, to get a close-in Google map of the location. There’s also a handy way to get your address-specific ballot and print it out: