I-45 public forum tomorrow

From the inbox:

I-45 Public Forum ~ October 24th!

Many people who attended the TxDOT public meeting last week (October 9th or 11th ) left with more questions than answers!


It appears that TxDOT is listening & trying to come up with several alternatives to help the traffic on I-45 … in fact, they came up with 33 alternatives! Alternatives from tunnels to an elevated roadway on Houston Ave to converting the Pierce Elevated to ALL one-way and more!  If you did not have a chance to attend or if you still have questions, you have a great opportunity to get all your answers on

Wednesday, October 24.  The I-45 Coalition is working with TxDOT and hosting a Public Forum at Jeff Davis High School at 6:15 pm.

This Public Forum will be in a completely different format! – TxDOT will go over each of the alternatives and answer any questions that you may have.  Hopefully you will get enough information at this meeting to help determine the best choices … the deadline to get your comments into TxDOT regarding the project is Friday, October 26th.   This meeting is perfect for getting all the answers you are looking for. 

This meeting is important because your comments will impact the future of I-45 from IAH airport to the Pierce Elevated.You need to be invloved!  Please come to:

I-45 Public Forum        Wednesday, October 24        6:15 – 8:15

Jeff Davis High School      1101 Quitman Street       77009

You can see all the TxDOT information on their web site: www.ih45northandmore.com  and go to ‘2nd Scoping Meeting Documents’.

Please plan on attending – tell your neighbors! 

You must tell TxDOT what you want or don’t want or they will do what TxDOT wants to do!!

As Marty Hajovsky notes, that email came from Jim Weston of the I-45 Coalition. Marty summarizes the highlights:

The suggestions and information from the meetings earlier this month are all on the website atwww.ih45northandmore.com at ‘2nd Scoping Meeting Documents’. But among the interesting tidbits for residents of Grota Homestead/Germantown, those interested in Woodland Park and the easternmost parts of theWoodlands Heights is that all the alternatives for Segment 2, meaning the stretch of I-45 between 610 and Quitman, would stay within the existing right-of-way. We’ll see if that stays true.

After the meetings, TxDOT placed a public comment period extending to Oct. 26, but after the intervention of Texas State Representative Jessica Farrar, a Lindale Park resident, the agency extended to public comment deadline to Nov. 9. Public comments can be made at the www.ih45northandmore.com site.

Be there if you can, and whether you can or you can’t, please submit your feedback to www.ih45northandmore.com. Thanks.

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