Monday morning Mayoral intrigue

The following just hit my Inbox:

Benjamin Hall and Gene Locke Announce Joint Press Availability

When: 9:30 a.m. Monday, February 10, 2009

Where: 530 Lovett Boulevard, Houston, 77006

Ben Hall and Gene Locke invite you for a press availability Monday morning to discuss issues concerning Houston’s 2009 Mayoral race. The meeting will last approximately 20 minutes and will be conducted at the law offices of Ben Hall at 530 Lovett Boulevard.

As we know, Hall had been set to announce his entry into the race when he got a phone call from Locke, and deferred making any announcements at the time. One might assume that if they’re getting together to formally talk to the newsies it’s because one of them has decided not to run, and since Gene Locke has filed his treasurer’s report, that would point towards an exit by hall. Which would not exactly grieve me, as we have discussed before. Of course, this could all be something else entirely. We’ll know in 11 hours what the deal is.

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