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Garcia and Alvarado and everyone they know

It’s not just Sylvia Garcia versus Carol Alvarado to succeed the late Sen. Mario Gallegos in SD06. It’s also everyone else that’s getting involved in the race.

In this corner…

Alvarado’s chief rival for the Senate seat is expected to be former Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, who announced her candidacy last week. Garcia, 62, the first Hispanic woman elected to the court, served for eight years and was defeated for a third term in 2010. She and Alvarado are roughly equal in terms of name identification in the district and financial resources.

The contest has local officials already taking sides. Backing Garcia, an attorney and former social worker, are Alvarado’s fellow House members, state Reps. Armando Walle, Jessica Farrar and Ana Hernandez Luna.

And in this corner…

“Sylvia has never stopped working for us,” said Farrar, the House Democratic Caucus leader, in a statement.

A lifelong resident of the East End, Alvarado boasts endorsements from former Houston mayors Lee Brown and Bill White, state senators Rodney Ellis, of Houston, and Leticia Van de Putte, of San Antonio, and former Congressman Chris Bell, among others.

“Carol has lived in the district her entire life and never forgotten where she came from,” White said. “She is a tough, effective lawmaker who will represent her district and work to improve public education.”

At this point, it may already be easier to keep track of who has not taken a side than who has. Add in the fact that former State Rep. and 2008 candidate for US Senate Rick Noriega is also considering this race and it may become impossible to find a local Democratic official who isn’t on someone’s endorsement list. I’m thinking there may be a few awkward moments at holiday parties this year. The best thing that can happen is for this race to be held as quickly as possible, which of course means it won’t be since the timing is up to Rick Perry. Be that as it may, Robert Miller helpfully lays out the process and potential calendar for this event. Ready or not, here it comes.

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  1. Katherine says:

    I understand both women desire the higher office. I agree both women do/have serve(d) their constituents, communities, and state very well. I believe that Sylvia Garcia should be the candidate for SD 6 because Rep. Alvarado is already in office. If Rep. Alvarado moves to the Senate, then their has to be another campaign and election to fill that seat. It is my opinion that people’s resources can be used more efficiently in the community than in campaigning.

  2. joshua bullard says:

    alvarado has stronger name id in this district-sylvia’s time on commisioners court is a disadvantage-mark my words-carol alvarado will win this. joshua ben bullard rw bray-16%

  3. Susie Allen says:

    Hands Down! Sylvia Garcia is a winner in every respect. Public service is her life and she is so smart, has a memory like a trap and has a great working relationship with our state officials. She believes in the community and always has its best interest at heart. A winner in my book!

  4. Paul Kubosh says:

    If there is not a majority will there be a run off?

  5. Paul – It’s a special election, so yes, if there is no majority there will be a runoff.

  6. joshua bullard says:

    carol will get 56% percent of the vote=no runnoff………….joshua bullard

  7. Mainstream says:

    Worth noting that Romney took 33% in that district last week, so a Republican candidate might have a shot at getting into the runoff, and who knows, in a very low turnout election might surprise.