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Weekend link dump for December 16

Happy birthday, Aunt Judy!

More apps = less television. I don’t think this is what all those people with the “Kill Your TV” bumper stickers had in mind, though.

Less whining about Christmas is a good idea in general.

Ten ways to reduce inequality without raising tax rates. Which does not mean that raising tax rates is not also necessary.

Is this the end of Windows as a brand?

Mike Judge takes on Silicon Valley. I’d watch that.

Vaccines save lives. I’ve always been flummoxed that this somehow became controversial.

Do you want some Texas-themed ornaments for your Christmas tree? Silly question – of course you do.

“I’ve said a lot of contemptuous things about Republicans over the last several years, but their degree of disarray right now exceeds anything I might have anticipated. And to think: if the elections had turned out differently, they might all be focused with amazing unanimity and specificity on enacting the Ryan Budget. Elections do have consequences.”

“Romney’s somehow like the anti-Zelig. He’s seemingly everywhere.”

This is why you need a longer password. Eight (characters) is not enough.

Remember when TV commercials on kid’s shows was the biggest threat to their sensitivities?

John Stewart and Stephen Colbert have a chat. Worth your time to read about it.

Our long national hot yoga nightmare is finally over.

If you’re staying in a hotel over the holiday, you might want to ask the manager if the hotel door lock hack affected them, and if so if they have received and implemented the fix.

Cracking the Roger Williams code. Very, very cool.

Idiots gotta be idiots, I guess.

“Have you ever thought, Montrose Boulevard is pleasant enough, but it would be vastly improved by a giant vuvuzela? Me too. Our long wait is almost over.”

On Ben Affleck, whitewashing, and identity.

RIP, Ravi Shankar.

Put this kid down as the early frontrunner for the 2060 GOP Presidential nomination.

A pink slime lawsuit.

Truly, this is the end of an era.

The “a-hole factor”. Hilarious.

Mitch McConnell unskews himself into a knot.

My man card never expired, thanks.

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