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Hipper than I am, not that this is difficult

2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the GHCVB and the fifth anniversary of the MyHouston campaign, which according to vice president of marketing Holly Clapham, is “the most successful image campaign in Houston’s history.”

As part of the second iteration of MyHouston, the GHCVB has created a series of five print ads that provide visual representations of Houston culture.

To represent the city’s burgeoning culinary scene, the GHCVB created an advertisement under the tagline “Houston is Tasty.” For the performing arts, the slogan is “Houston is Inspired.” But Clapham told CultureMap in a phone interview that a fifth ad was needed to represent “a menagerie of different assets that the city has to offer, from music to sports to retail to style.”

Thus, the idea for “Houston is Hip” was born.


Expect the finalized version of the Houston is Hip ad, along with the four other new print pieces, to debut in January via the Wall Street Journal and New York Times. According to Clapham, we can expect 2013 to be “a banner year for our city.”

I look forward to seeing it. If you can identify everyone in the embedded photo without clicking it or the CultureMap link, you are unquestionably hipper than I am. (For the record, I’d have been able to ID three of them, and would have guessed two others with a bit of prompting.) After you’ve finished reading the CultureMap story, go read this little blast from the past and wish the GHVCB better luck than their predecessors had.

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