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It’s a dog eat donut world

What interested me the most in this story about the locally-based Shipley’s Do-Nuts is what wasn’t said.

The changes are coming at a time when competition in the breakfast industry is stronger than ever.

Coffee chains are offering more breakfast pastries, and even ethnic bakeries are gaining favor with the general public, said Chris Tripoli, a restaurant consultant.

“We just have more choices now,” Tripoli said. “So what they’re trying to do is position the standard doughnut place for the next decade because it’s never going to be like it was 10 or 20 years ago.”

A national doughnut chain is about to crowd the field even more.

Earlier this year, the Canton-Mass.-based parent of Dunkin’ Donuts said it would expand here.

There are five Dunkin’ Donut stores here today, compared to Shipley’s 115 locations.

Remember when Krispy Kreme came to town a decade or so ago, to much hype and fanfare? A few years later, the franchise was gone from Houston as the national business experienced problems. If they can survive that, I figure they can survive whatever else comes their way. Be that as it may, I find it interesting that this piece of history went unmentioned in the story. You’d think the fact that they’d been down this road before would be worth noting.

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One Comment

  1. Michael says:

    Colt McCoy is part of the partnership that wants to bring 24 dunkin’ donuts to Austin. I wish him well, personally, but I won’t be stopping in. I have Shipleys and Lone Star Kolaches, so why would I want generic national brand?

    Krispy Kreme is still here in Austin, in two locations and inside some convenience stores. They were recently featured in a viral video on youtube, where someone had a project to be a dick get people to say ‘no’ to him. Dude went in and asked for Donuts decorated like the olympic rings, and the manager said ‘yes’ and made them for him.