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Robinson Warehouse – …Gone

And more or less on the timeline I envisioned, there she goes:

I’d driven by on Tuesday and seen that the top story on the remaining building section was gone, so I knew it’s be basically gone by the end of the week. Even with the bad weather, they got the job done.

Here’s the closer view. There’s still a little bit of the building left, but at this point if you didn’t already know what was there, you wouldn’t be able to tell any more. I expect the cleanup will progress through at least the end of the next week, but there’s not much more of interest to photograph any more. Well, there was still this:

You can see how deep the rain and mud was in the basement. There was no activity yesterday afternoon when I took these pictures. I’d say that was why.

Here’s a link for all of my warehouse photos to date. This is how it started, on November 19. I’ll make at least one more run out there as they finish the cleanup, and who knows after that. Maybe I’ll keep track of the Ismaeli Center construction, once it starts.

Yesterday was the first time I ran into another person with a camera. He pulled in behind my car as I was getting ready to leave. I gathered from talking to him that he hadn’t seen the demolition prior to this. I told him I’d been documenting it from the beginning. That turned out to be a very interesting task. I hope you enjoyed it.

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