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Amy Peck

Amy Peck Announces Candidacy for Houston City Council District A

I am very excited to announce my candidacy for Houston City Council, District A. Over the last few years, I have been asked to run again by many people in the district, and I am honored to accept the responsibility that comes with representing others.

Unfortunately, District A has suffered too long with a lack of real leadership. Instead, we have seen both apathy and political grandstanding that have both led to an absence of trust and progress in our community.

Real representation doesn’t mean voting yes every time, and it doesn’t mean voting no every time. It means listening to the community before each vote and evaluating each proposal based on its merits. I have dedicated the last seven years to working in government, and I know what it means to truly represent and help people.

I am running to:

  • Restore trust by improving constituent services
  • Responsibly care for your tax dollars
  • Strengthen HPD and HFD
  • Protect your homes from flooding

I appreciate your interest in my campaign, and I look forward to answering any questions you may have for me. It is time for real representation in District A.

Her website is here, and she runs a blog that she says she will continue to update during the campaign here. Peck ran in 2009 – my interview with her from then is here – and if she can get some Republican establishment backing, she could win. She joins Brenda Stardig in an already-crowded and interesting field going up against CM Helena Brown.

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4 Responses to Amy Peck announces for A

  1. joshua bullard says:

    I have talked with amy peck and am still searching the data on her but will return with a full report,certainly the jury isnt even out yet.

    joshua ben bullard

  2. barron says:

    Inspector Bullard is on the case.


  3. Jack says:

    Amy Peck’s announcement raises the bar for candidates for city council in general and certainly in Dist. A.

  4. Jeff says:

    There are now 5 candidates for District A

    Helena Brown
    Amy Peck
    Mike Knox
    Ron Hale
    Brenda Stardig

    It should be very interesting. Two of the candidates are or have been a CM. One has been very good to our neighborhood. Another one was awful to our neighborhood (in my opinion).

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