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We have a runoff date

It’s earlier than I thought it would be.

Rep. Carol Alvarado

Gov. Rick Perry on Friday set a March 2 special runoff election to fill the open seat created by the death of the late state Sen. Mario Gallegos. The race, between State Rep. Carol Alvarado and former Harris County Commissioner Sylvia Garcia, will occur just six days before the deadline for lawmakers to file bills in the 83rd legislative session.

Sylvia Garcia

Because Harris County has 10 days to canvass those results and the governor’s office has an additional four days after that, the spring election likely means SD-6 will not have representation until mid-March. The winner cannot take her oath until the governor’s office performs its official canvass, the secretary of state’s office confirmed last month.

Perry spokesman Josh Havens said the March 2 date was the earliest possible runoff date after Harris County performed its canvass on Feb. 4.

March 2 is of course also Texas Independence Day. Clearly it will be more festive for some folks than for others. I have to say, I fully expected Perry to set the date for March 16, the latest possible date, because he had no reason to do otherwise and it would maximally screw the district. I’m glad to see that for once I was too cynical about him. Now let’s see if the Chron can manage to narrow its endorsement down to one candidate sometime before then.

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  1. joshua bullard says:

    After all the mean things sylivia garcia did to me when she was elected commisioners court,she refused to ever return my calls-she instructed her staff to never return my calls,she wouldnt respond to any of my request for assistance,I often would think to myself”how in gods name does she get away with this”,then last thursday the unthinkable happened,sylvia garcia crashes the community partnership exchange breakfast,the biggest community breakfast in texas for the seniors and other leaders in the community-she refused to co sponsor the event-she didnt want to support the east/north side of town-she wasnt invited and she wasnt allowed into this private event-myself being the assistant director of the event was asked to have sylvia garcia leave—–omg, wow,after all these years of being treated so poorly by garcia i was now authorized to tell her to leave-i did just that-her and her camp manager left-but i think she did it just to spite me,you see when i was homeless sylivia garcia took pleasure in treating me as an under class,as if i was inhumane,i cant see her being elected as the will of the people,i want to ask a favor from any one that will listen,when carol Alvarado was on council,she didnt always come out of her office when i was down there banging on her council door-sometimes she did,but she always sent her staff out to take a report and they always followed up,but with garcia she never did-At this time i would like to publicly endorse Carol Alvarado and hope that youll come with me……………

    this is the joshua bullard that garcia used to step on


  2. texasbigmoney says:

    Thats a crazy story. My money and vote is for a lady with no scandal or monetary gain. That’s the way it should be. I’m sorry but Carol Alvarado has done nothing I can recall in the last 2 Legislative Sessions. Nothing I can recall. People are voting for a change in Leadership. Carol couldn’t run an office of 4 employees. The D A raided her office and confiscated all her files. Remember that? Remember Carolgate days? Remember she had to set up a Legal Fund to pay her defense attorney Rusty Hardin? Well a lot people who know anything about politics do REMEMBER. That’s why I’m voting for Sylvia Garcia who has a respectable following. No gold smugglers.