Kubosh is in for Council

This happened on Friday.

Michael Kubosh

Michael Kubosh, part of the fighting brothers who finally rid Houston of red-light cameras, is announcing today he’s running for an at-large city council seat.

Kubosh will announce he’s running for Melissa Noriega’s at-large seat (she is term-limited out), and an eclectic cast of Houston politicos will be there, according to the campaign — from hardcore rightwing councilmember Helen Brown to community activist Quanell X.

“Above the city council chambers reads the phrase the people are the city,” Kubosh said in a release about the announcement. “It seems to me the current administration has ignored that statement. If elected, I promise I will never forget that quote. I will be the servant to all the people.”

Boy, I’m sorry I missed that announcement. Note that this is Michael Kubosh, who ran as a “Democrat” against Dan Patrick in 2006, and not Paul Kubosh, who has been a frequent commenter here. You may recall that I frequently criticized the two of them during the red light camera saga for not being city residents. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear that both Kuboshes are now duly registered to vote in our fair city. According to their registration cards, they now share an apartment in the Rice Hotel, which means they’re a wacky neighbor and/or a hot housekeeper away from being able to pitch a sitcom to NBC.

Anyway, according to Houston Politics, other candidates in the field for AL3 include Chris Carmona, who ran unsuccessfully against CM Noriega in 2011, and everyone’s favorite frequent flyer, Roy Morales. Jenifer Pool has been in for some time now as well. I put the over/under on the number of candidates at nine when all is said and done. The temporarily re-patriated TexPatriate comments on this race and a few others, though he got the wrong Kubosh brother for AL3. Easy enough mistake to make, I’m sure that won’t be the last time. This is going to be a fun election season.

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10 Responses to Kubosh is in for Council

  1. Local says:

    Is this legal? The Kubosh brothers clearly haven’t moved into the apartment with their families, they’ve just bought or rented a Houston address.

  2. Ross says:

    So, Kubosh brothers, are you going to give up the homestead exemptions on the properties outside the city limits?

  3. Local – Yes, it’s legal. Texas’ residency laws are very permissive. Many contemporary officeholders have taken advantage of this. Sometimes it’s a campaign issue, but usually it doesn’t get much traction.

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  5. Paul Kubosh says:

    “According to their registration cards, they now share an apartment in the Rice Hotel, which means they’re a wacky neighbor and/or a hot housekeeper away from being able to pitch a sitcom to NBC.”

    That is funny. After the cameras I learned to visit your site everyday. I also learned to be a little tougher and not take things so personal. Heck, I am just looking forward to meeting you.

  6. I figured you’d enjoy the joke, Paul. I couldn’t resist. I look forward to meeting you as well.

  7. Steven says:

    I hate the “residency of convenience” aspect of this regardless of whether or not it makes a difference to others. I think Roy has wrapped up a spot in the inevitable runoff and would be the superior candidate but Mike would be a nice counterpoint to nutty Helena Brown. Any word on his stance regarding city pensions, earned or otherwise, where he’d cut the budget, and what else he would try to do if elected?

  8. joshua bullard says:

    I think some people are fueled by passion to want to serve the greater good of the public,in cases of this ,who gives a damn about where somebody lives,i am currently investigating mike kubosh’s desire to run for city goverment and will chime back in ,one day soon……………..

    joshua ben bullard

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  10. ALICIA PINA says:


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