HCDE hires Eversole to lobby for them

From the Things That Make Me Do A Facepalm department: The HCDE has hired Jerry Eversole as a lobbyist. Yeah, that Jerry Eversole.

Eversole was taciturn in discussing his work Thursday, saying department of education officials approached him. His contract will pay $45,000, plus expenses, between Dec. 1, 2012, and Aug. 31, and calls for him to help raise awareness of the benefits of the department’s programs with local, state and federal officials.

“I have the right to work and make a living,” Eversole said. “And I’ll say that the person who has a problem with me is (County Judge) Ed Emmett. So, if you want comments about what’s wrong with me and about any of my convictions and why I was convicted, he seems to know everything, so you can call him. That’s really all I have to say.”

Emmett, through a spokesman, declined to respond to Eversole’s comments.

The department, which is governed by an elected board of trustees and is not part of Harris County government, also has hired lobbyists and former state representatives Rob Eissler, who was paid $10,125 in December and January, and Stan Schlueter, who was paid $6,125 in January. The department did not produce Eissler and Schlueter’s contracts by deadline.

Department Superintendent John Sawyer is on vacation until March 19 and unavailable for comment, spokeswoman Tammy Lanier said.

Board of trustees President Angie Chesnut said Sawyer was within his authority to make the hires but said she disagrees with the move.

“Had the decision been mine – and I do not speak for the board – I would not have done that,” she said. “And that’s no disrespect to Mr. Eversole. It’s just that I think it creates in the public’s mind a question that doesn’t need to surround HCDE. There most certainly must have been other alternatives.”

Ugh. Look, I have no problem with HCDE hiring someone to speak for their interests, which are currently being threatened. It makes sense to hire someone who knows the players and has a rapport with them. Engaging Rob Eissler was a good move. But geez, if you first reaction to the idea of hiring Jerry Eversole for this was something other than “You’ve got to be kidding”, then I suggest you get out more. Eversole may have the right qualifications – Steve Radack thought his hire was a smart move by HCDE, not that it was going to change his mind about abolishing it – but the optics of it are terrible, as KTRK’s lurid reporting should make clear. I’m sorry, but nothing good can come of this, and John Sawyer needs to have his head examined for even thinking of it. Finally, yes, Jerry, you have a right to earn a living. But that doesn’t mean that all options need to be open to you. Metro is hiring bus drivers – I suggest you look into that opportunity.

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3 Responses to HCDE hires Eversole to lobby for them

  1. Yvonne Larsen says:

    Colleen Vera and David Jennings are doing a fine job of voluntarily raising awareness of HCDE and they don’t get paid $45,000 + expenses for doing so. IMHO, that’s precisely what irks The Machine; citizen journalists “getting out more ” to do the investigating, to file the FOIA’s, to speak with people and to report the results.

  2. joshua bullard says:

    charles kuffner is incorrect-steve radack is right,kuff is wrong,the man dont owe the public anymore time-he’s paid to society what he owed,he never drove a bus or had that type of employment,he was a carreeer politician that lied to the fbi-he not only has a right to work and make a living, he has the right to earn it in the political field in which he came-kuffner is quick to talk about rehabilitation and giving offenders second chances,he cant pick and choose threw a selective process,in america we have freedoms,in harris county we believe when some one has paid their debt to the public,he should not be hindered in his pursuit of happiness,my hat is off to eversole for finding a source of revenue in his field,and hcde should be applauded for extending someone a second chance.

    joshua ben bullard

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