Who says you can’t park there?

This story about parking in Houston is kind of fluffy, but this was something I didn’t know:

Smaller developments like strip centers along frontage roads are moving away from dedicating parking to certain tenants, Hernandez said, realizing that opening spaces for everyone helps move people in and out.

“If there is anything, there is a push away from exclusive parking,” he said, adding that office developments still crave dedicated parking.

Signs can be misleading

Besides, landlords and tenants said, many signs declaring a space off-limits are for show.

“They can’t tow you if it is not posted that you will be towed and where to call,” Hernandez said.

Two landlords and a lawyer representing commercial clients said property owners often permit the signs as a courtesy to tenants, but they rarely represent a real threat to tow. State and city laws require private property owners to follow rules about signs and notice to the vehicle’s owner.

I’ll be darned. I see those “so-and-so’s customers only” signs all the time – it’s often for a dry cleaner, or some other business with quick transactions – and I always heed them, which is sometimes really annoying because they’re the only spaces available. It had never occurred to me that it’s basically a bluff. I can’t say that knowing there are no real consequences to using one of those spots when patronizing some other business will change my behavior – I still have a fairly strong guilt reflex – but you never know. Have you ever taken one of these spaces when you weren’t supposed to?

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3 Responses to Who says you can’t park there?

  1. Asn says:

    Yeah, I’m still scared they will tow me anyway. They know you can call 311 to find out where your car is.

    This happens a lot on private streets

  2. Wade says:

    HEB always have the signs for parents with kids up close. Have you seen the average weight/size of kids today? They should be required to park in furthest away spot and walk for the exercise.

  3. Angela Ledgerwood says:

    Wade, I think those parental spots are meant for parents with infants in arms.

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