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Friday random ten: The year in new music for me so far

Because I had nothing else in the queue, here’s a sample of the music I’ve acquired so far this year, from various sources.

1. Dumbledore – Steve Goodie
2. This Thing Has Started – OK Go
3. Baby Got Back (In the style of “Glee”) – Jonathan Coulton
4. A Good Gal’s Hard To Find – Preservation Hall Jazz Band
5. Weigh You Down – Crushed Out
6. Waiting On June – Holly Williams
7. Horrific Nightmare – Asian She
8. Back To Me – JP Rose
9. Lovely Generation – Cole DeGenova
10. Telephone – Lady GaGa

“Dumbledore” is from a Weird Al Yankovic tribute on Bandcamp that I finally got around to buying. “This Thing Has Started” was a free download from being on OK Go’s mailing list. For the story behind “Baby Got Back”, see this and this. “A Good Gal’s Hard To Find” was from a free Paste Magazine sampler. “Waiting On June” was from a Noisetrade download. “Telephone” was from an actual by-God CD that Olivia bought with a gift certificate she’d gotten for her 8th birthday. The rest were downloads on Popdose.

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