Friday random ten: Fifty states of random, part 2

Following up on last week, our musical tour of the United States continues.

1. Massachusetts – Greg Greenaway
2. There’s A Panther In Michigan – Trout Fishing In America
3. Montana – Frank Zappa
4. Minnesota 1945 – Eddie From Ohio
5. A Crazy Little Tune – Nevada Newman
6. A Night With The Jersey Devil – Bruce Springsteen
7. Fairytale of New York – The Pogues featuring Kirsty MacColl
8. North Dakota – Lyle Lovett
9. Men Of Ohio – Trinity University Wind Symphony
10. Oklahoma Home – Elana James

Technically, Nevada Newman is a singer and not a song title, but this is my list and Nevada is a state, so there. All three of my New Jersey songs just have “Jersey” in the title, which speaking as a New York native is good enough for me. (The other two songs, in case you’re wondering, are “No Left Turns In Jersey”, by Eddie from Ohio, and “Jersey Girl”, also by Springsteen. If the term “jug handle” means anything to you, you will get the reference of the title to the EFO song.) I’ll have to go back and check to see if I have more songs with “New York” in the title than I do songs with “Texas” in the title. Unlike New Jersey, no one ever drops the “New” in “New York”.

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