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Ashby Highrise gets its permit

Ready or not, here it comes.

Look out below!

The city of Houston [last] week granted full permitting approval for the 21-story apartment building planned near Rice University at 1717 Bissonnet and Ashby.

An existing apartment complex at the site is now vacant and will be demolished soon, the developers recently said. But one major piece of the puzzle is still missing: a general contractor.

Last week, the head of Linbeck Group said the company had withdrawn from the project.

Developers Matthew Morgan and Kevin Kirton of Buckhead Investment Partners said they have nothing yet to announce on Linbeck’s replacement, but information would be “forthcoming soon.”

See here and here for previous updates. CultureMap notes that since Leo Linbeck III lived near the Ashby location, with Linbeck Group out of the project there may not be any force for neighborhood mitigation. We’ll see what the next step is for the folks that have been fighting this for so many years.

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  1. […] inclined to agree with Buckhead on this. As we well know, the project violates no laws, and is now properly permitted. How are you going to prove any of these allegations? Anything is possible, and Lord knows […]