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Friday random ten: The city never sleeps, part 7

I’ve been in a different city (Austin) all week for a training class, but I’m headed back to my own city (Houston) today. None of these songs are about either of those cities.

1. Miami 2017 – Billy Joel
2. Mission To Moscow – The Hot Club of Cowtown
3. Mobile – Marcia Ball
4. Montreaux’s Theme – Yes
5. New York City Serenade – Bruce Springsteen
6. New York Minute – Don Henley
7. The Night Chicago Died – Paper Lace
8. Odessa – The Mollys
9. Oh Atlanta – Little Feat
10. Opelousas (Sweet Relief) – Maria McKee

As I said, none of these songs are about Austin or Houston, but “Odessa” is a city in Texas, “Cowtown” is a nickname for Fort Worth though none of the original members of The Hot Club of Cowtown is from there, and of course Marcia Ball is an Austin icon. So there you have it. Have a great Memorial Day weekend, y’all.

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  1. Logan Ratner says:

    I don’t know The Mollys, but if Odessa has a klezmer sound it’s probably about the city in the Ukraine.

  2. Hey, Logan. I do know The Mollys – they used to play at the Mucky Duck in the 90s – and I can assure you the Odessa in question here is the one in Texas. The Mollys were from Arizona and they’d often pass through Odessa on their way to points east. The lead singer/songwriter once said that the song was about the only thing she could think of that would be worse than living in Odessa, and that was being dumped while living in Odessa. 🙂