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Weekend link dump for May 19

Turns out “tiger” parenting isn’t such a good idea.

When pirate costumes go wrong.

Children today are tyrants. They contradict their parents, gobble their food, and tyrannize their teachers. Oh, and they should put those damn smartphones down and get off my lawn already.”

Please turn off your portable electronic devices prior to takeoff. Unless you don’t feel like it. Really doesn’t matter much one way or the other.

President Obama would like to use 3-D printers to make weapons, too. Someone alert Steve Stockman.

I realize we’re coming to the end of the school year, but this advice on how to get along with your child’s teacher is still timely.

Rand Paul is at least as nuts as his father.

“The Benghazi attacks (the consulate and the CIA compound) are absolutely not unprecedented even though they’re being treated that way by Republicans”.

It’s time for passwords to die. The current system is insecure and unmanageable.

“To put it bluntly, we will see far more handgun deaths due to black market firearms this week than we will see from 3D printed guns in our entire lifetime.”

The UN thinks we should eat more bugs. That sound you hear is Ted Cruz’s head exploding.

“It is, as you might expect, the biggest pile of direwolf excrement I’ve seen on the internet this week.”

There’s a long list of reasons why “racecraft” is a disreputable field of study.

RIP, Dr. Joyce Brothers, pop psychology pioneer.

“Today’s CBO estimate puts the deficit at 2.1 percent of GDP by 2015. Simpson-Bowles called for reducing the deficit to 2.3 percent of GDP by 2015. So we got beyond their recommendation without punishing any old people or cutting taxes even more for the wealthy and corporations. Go figure.”

RIP, Billie Sol Estes, the kind of flamboyant Texas con man they don’t make anymore.

“Still, the fact that the right is being forced to fall back from predicting a staggering rise in health-care costs to explaining away the staggering decline in health-care costs represents real progress.”

“The whole “second term curse” narrative is mostly a media construct, but it’s actually a self-perpetuating one.”

“There is a scandal in all of this—several, actually, and some are more significant than the one that is getting all the attention.”

Ten real world princesses who don’t need Disney makeovers.

If writing that the “great, deluded middle class–subsidized by the government and coddled by politicians” needs to experience a decade-long siege of high unemployment isn’t “get[ting] off on other people’s suffering”, I don’t know what “getting off on other people’s suffering” could possibly mean.

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