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Weekend link dump for May 26

There are some professions that you can’t list on LinkedIn.

There will be twelve new stop-motion animations of the “Peanuts” characters coming soon.

“Perhaps I should share the secret of the show’s 1981 Soviet wig technology with the CIA,” says the woman responsible for the awesome wigs on The Americans.

The oldest monkey fossil has been found.

Want to avoid putting more money in the Koch Brothers’ pockets? There’s an app for that.

Even the cicadas know that prime numbers are where it’s at.

The key question about Yahoo! acquiring Tumblr.

Prosperity for all is much better than prosperity for a few.

“[Michelle] Rhee simply isn’t interested in reasoning forward from evidence to conclusions: conclusions are where she starts, which means that her book cannot be trusted as an analysis of what is wrong with public schools, when and why it went wrong, and what might improve the situation.”

RIP, Ray Manzarek, keyboardist for The Doors.

“When it comes to the 501(c)(4s), we aren’t talking about tax audits.”

Death of the era of declaring things dead predicted. Film at 11.

An unknown mathematician proves a big result about twin primes.

It’s probably too late to warn people to be careful about the data they share about themselves, but consider yourself warned anyway.

“[Sen. Rand] Paul’s outrage is more than a little hard to take here since it’s people like him that have been so successful at preventing Congress from writing a decent corporate tax code in the first place. His only concern is slashing taxes, not rationalizing them, and if someone introduced a bill to make Apple pay its fair share into the voracious federal maw, Paul would undoubtedly be grandstanding yet again with another filibuster.”

Medicaid and Medicare will cost a lot less than we once thought they would.

Kids today still totally use Facebook, though Twitter and Instagram are seeing growth.

Two words: OKCupid Juggalo. You’re welcome.

Two more words: Food replicators. It’s maybe not quite as cool as “Star Trek: The Next Generation” would have you believe.

“I suspect this is yet another attempt in a series of long-term attempts to fundamentally change the landscape for purchasing and controlling the work of writers in such a manner that ultimately limits how writers are compensated for their work, which ultimately is not to the benefit of the writer.”

Our falling deficits are nothing to be happy about.

Security through absurdity is not a good model.

Homer Hickam is a mensch.

The next time someone tells you that Obamacare will be too expensive, point them to California and tell them to explain that.

Happy tenth birthday, WordPress.

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