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Saturday video break: I Feel For You

Song #18 on the Popdose Top 100 Covers list is “I Feel For You”, originally by Prince and covered by Chaka Khan. Typically, Prince videos are not easily available. Here then is as reasonable a facsimile that I could find:

It’s the bow ties that really sell it to me. If you like, there’s also an interpretive sign language version of the song out there, but with the audio muted due to copyright issues. Now here’s Chaka Khan Chaka Khan Chaka Khan…you get the idea:

Some months ago when we were checking out dogs for adoption, we came across one fellow by the name of Rufus. We ultimately went a different direction, but I made a solemn vow at the time that if we did adopt him, we would then have to find a second dog that we could name Chaka Khan. I get an irrational amount of amusement from that thought. Anyway, great version and great video, though I think it needs more bow ties. What do you think?

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