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Weekend redistricting update

I couldn’t find any news coverage from Saturday’s Senate Redistricting Committee hearing at UH, so you should read Greg’s liveblog of the event to find out what happened. The roadshow is in San Antonio today, and there will be two more after that, the Senate in Austin and the House in Houston, both on Wednesday. Where all this goes from there, I have no idea, though of course Texas Redistricting does.

In the meantime, via Texas Redistricting, Rick Perry and David Dewhurst attempt to justify the session and the attempt to ratify the interim maps without any feedback or public involvement, while Rep. Chris Turner pushes back. A roundup of more press coverage is here. Last but not least, be sure to read this explanation of what “candidate of choice” means, since that was something several witnesses at the Saturday hearing were not clear on. We’ll see what the committees do after the hearings are over.

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