Marfreless will be back

Here’s an unexpected surprise.

We are thrilled to announce our reopening this summer at our same 2006 Peden location in River Oaks. Although we will be under new ownership, we promise the same unique atmosphere, premium menu, friendly staff, and neighborhood charm.

All this comes with a complete renovation – from wires and carpet to the furniture you… sit on. You can expect an updated feel with the same Marfreless experience you’ve come to love. And don’t worry, our upstairs seating and iconic blue door will remain.

Join us on Facebook at and on Twitter at @MarfrelessBar for updates.

At last report, Marfreless had closed its iconic location and was looking for new digs because it could no longer afford the rent where it was. I’m not sure if the new management – about which a post on their Facebook page promises “more details later” – was able to renegotiate with leaseholder Weingarten Realty or if they just have deeper pockets and less concern about making the math work. Either way, it’s great to have them back. It’s pretty rare for a piece of history that appeared to be doomed to become un-doomed in this town. Welcome back, y’all.

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One Response to Marfreless will be back

  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    the whole thing was just a marketing ploy.its a little “dodgy” but ok…
    joshua ben bullard

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