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Weekend link dump for July 28

Sharknado was educational. Just think how much the sequel could teach you.

Granting corporations a right of “religious freedom” is bad enough. Granting them that based on phony science is even worse.

Christie Hefner tells what she learned working for her dad’s magazine.

The Do Not Call list used to be a good idea.

Voter ID laws are about suppressing the vote, and everyone knows it.

Bringing high speed Internet service to schools is a great and necessary idea.

Virginia is for lovers, just not that kind of lovers.

Hidlago County has nearly half again as many people as Wyoming, but with two fewer Senators.

You will have free access to broadcasts of the 2014 World Cup…if you live in Europe. In the US, you’ll still need to have cable.

Banning banks from commodities trading would be fine by me.

Forget 10,000 hours. Concentrate on 10 minutes.

Some folks at The Times did not appreciate Nate Silver. His old buddies from The Baseball Prospectus are all chuckling and shaking their heads right about now. TBogg, naturally, put it best.

RIP, Dennis Farina, cop turned actor.

Three words: Duct tape surfing.

What sabotaging the government looks like.

“One might imagine a lot of surveillance uses for these robots, so just think, the next time you crunch a roach under your shoe you might be destroying government property.”

“Poverty is a more powerful influence on the outcome of inner-city children than gestational exposure to cocaine”.

I think the main lesson I take from this is that some people just shouldn’t have cellphones. Or access to the Internet.

If Eliot Spitzer can have a second act, then Melissa Petro deserves one, too.

Really, we need to decide what sort of standard to use to decide when a politician brought down by a non-political scandal is “cleared” to return to political work and be judged by political criteria.

We’ve whipped inflation for the foreseeable future. Let’s obsess about something else, mmmkay?

Ladies do tend to feel colder than us dudes. Deal with it.

At long last, Alan Turing is finally getting a pardon. He should never have needed one, of course, but this is at least a little something.

Your smartphone will soon need anti-virus software, too.

How’s that Latino outreach going, Republicans?

What Norm Ornstein says.

RIP, Willie Louis, key witness in the trial of the murderers of Emmett Till, and a great role model for doing the right thing.

And now, a little girl dancing in the background of a local news report. You’re welcome.

“‘Conservative’ occupies the same space in the evangelical imagination as ‘sexual purity’ does. To say someone was ‘too conservative’ — theologically, politically, socially — would be like their saying a bride was too much of a virgin.”

RIP, Virginia Johnson, of Masters and Johnson.

RIP, George Mitchell.

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