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Weekend link dump for September 1

“Onan’s sin was his exploitation of the helpless and his failure to fulfill his responsibility in the safety net for childless widows.”

“You know the Bechdel Test: Now meet the Russo Test for LGBT movie characters”.

The worst moments of the 90s, many of which I’d thankfully forgotten about or never knew about at the time.

Clearly, cheesemaking was a necessary precursor to the rise of civilization.

Google is prepping to build its own driverless car. They’re also thinking about a driverless taxi service.

When faith and vaccinations collide, infectious diseases win.

Blame ESPN if you don’t know when your college team’s football game is supposed to be played.

Just read this story of music teacher Sarah Horn getting a chance to duet at the Hollywood Bowl with Kristin Chenoweth. And watch the video of it, too.

Baseball can be such a judgmental game sometimes.

You want to mock John Scalzi, you better bring your A game.

Was Miley Cyrus trying to make a point at the VMAs?

“Anyabwile and his companions at the Gospel Coalition are arguing the very same things that Vladimir Putin and Robert Mugabe are arguing. That does not automatically prove that they are wrong. Nor does it make them the moral equivalent of those wicked leaders through some imagined guilt by association. But, for Christ’s sake, it ought to at least make them stop, step back and reflect a bit.”

“[A] perfect illustration of why, in baseball’s war between PED users and perpetually indignant drug scolds, I’m an anti-anti-steroidist.”

Was the Bobby Riggs/Billie Jean King tennis match fixed? Read this and decide for yourself. And as Alyssa says, it kind of doesn’t matter if he did.

I took a selfie on my phablet while twerking the other day. Srsly.

I’m not sure if Hogwarts had a dress code, but if they did I’m not sure if these would conform to it or not.

The top ten things that are longer than Johnny Manziell’s suspension.

The federal government recognizes your marriage even if the state you live in doesn’t.

She has no idea what kind of — pardon my French — (expletive) storm is coming.”

RIP, Grand Bargain Diners Club. Good-bye and good riddance.

So, are we going to regulate e-cigarettes or not?

“Fast food workers, according to the logic of NFIB chief economist and unbelievable name-haver Bill Dunkelberg, aren’t ‘consumers.’ (How can they be? They don’t make any goddamn money.) Therefore, anything that’s good for them hurts the economy. The NFIB also argues that raising the minimum wage would deny low-wage workers that ‘on the job’ training that they would somehow, mystifyingly, not be able to get if they were paid a decent living.”

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