San Antonio council passes non-discrimination ordinance

Well done.


The City Council voted 8-3 Thursday to approve adding sexual orientation andgender identity to the list of classes protected from discrimination in San Antonio.

Council chambers erupted with emotion — red-clad supporters of the updated nondiscrimination ordinance applauded and offered a standing ovation, while blue-shirted opponents sat silently. People from both factions quickly began exiting chambers.

Supporters, some draped in rainbow flags,broke out in a “SI SE PUEDE” chant as they headed to Main Plaza in celebration.

Because there were eight affirmative votes, the ordinance takes effect immdeiately.

The council voted 9-2 to add similar protections for veteran status. Councilman Ray Lopez moved to split the vote to avoid accusations that nondiscrimination ordinance supporters used veterans to leverage votes.

Council members Elisa Chan, Ivy Taylor and Carlton Soules voted against adding LGBT protections. Chan and Soules voted against adding veteran status protections.

I have no idea what the opposition to adding veteran status is, but whatever. You can read a draft of the ordinance here, and a city fact sheet on it here. Despite all the hysteria by so many Republicans around the state, even a few that actually represent parts of San Antonio, the fact is that this ordinance, which exists in basically the same form in many other cities around Texas and the rest of the country, was supported by many clergy members, the Spurs, and the Greater San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. If this is a harbinger of doom, that’s quite the coalition helping to bring it about. Equality Texas, the Trib, Texpatriate, and BOR have more.

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