Interview with Ben Mendez

Ben Mendez

Ben Mendez

My third and at least for now final interview in District I is with Ben Mendez. I’ve sent two emails to Leticia Ablaza and left two voice mail messages to arrange an interview, but as of this writing we have not been able to set an interview date. If and when we do, I’ll publish her interview later. As for Mendez, he is the owner of a construction services firm, having previously managed the Design and Construction Division at the Houston Police Department. He has also been a Council Member’s aide and a high school math teacher, and he serves on a number of non-profit and community-related boards. Here’s the interview:

Ben Mendez interview

You can see all of my interviews as well as finance reports and other information on candidates on my 2013 Election page.

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  1. Hobby Lobby says:

    I wouldn’t bother with any more interviews, you’ve covered all the real contenders already.

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