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Weekend link dump for September 29

“Next I see the gluten-free section filled with crackers and bread made from various wheat-substitutes such as cardboard and sawdust. I skip this aisle because I’m not rich enough to have dietary restrictions.”

If the mixtapes you made in college in the 80s could have talked.

I’m fully on board with the Rivera Avenue proposal.

A joke on “The Simpsons” had an effect on the design of the iPhone.

“So, it’s basically Harry Potter, but with more ladies and considerably more sexytime? YES. YES TO THIS.”

Really not looking forward to the onslaught of homework that middle and high school are likely to bring.

“Using an e-reader may help some dyslexic students understand what they read, researchers at Harvard University argue.”

“So basically: if you’re a rich conservative who isn’t very smart about how you give your money, this ad is designed to pick your pocket. If you’re a non-rich conservative, you might get duped into some foolish behavior, but that’s just acceptable collateral damage.”

Ready or not, Christmas time is here.

“As my correspondent notes, Ted [Cruz] managed to distinguish himself as a arrogant a#@hole at Harvard Law School, which is an amazing accomplishment since the competition there for that description is intense.”

And by the way, if Ted Cruz gets his way and shuts down the government, it will cost billions of dollars. Because he’s fiscally conservative like that.

Re-retire #9, Yankees.

“Writing a neutral story about something so heartless as the food stamp vote is not good journalism”.

Die, mosquitoes, die!

“Yes, enduring some public criticism for receiving multimillion-dollar bonuses after helping crash the global economy is a lot like being hanged from a tree by your neck until you die.”

Would you take a tour of Steve Jobs’ childhood home?

RIP, VW Bus. Yes, they’re still being made – in Brazil – but no longer after the end of this year.

Some comment sections aren’t worth the trouble.

Gary Bauer, grifter.

I have no idea why anyone would want a recycled email address. Every time I got a new phone number in the past, I used to get a bunch of calls for whoever used to be at that number. Didn’t matter how long it had been since that person had last used it.

“It’s a mark of the insane and reckless turn in our politics that shutting down the government so one of our to major political parties can get the brinksmanship out of its system is emerging as the sober, responsible thing to do. But here we are, greatest nation the world has ever known.”

“And with that, yet another governing norm is on life support. The problem is that in any complex culture, norms are every bit as important as formal rules—something that, in other contexts, conservatives harangue us about constantly. They should think a little harder about why they feel that way as they go about their business of blowing up Capitol Hill.”

From the It’s OK If You’re Newt Gingrich department.

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