Yeah, that’s still not Bigfoot

You can’t fool the SciGuy, y’all.

Steve Austin knows the truth

Bigfoot is smarter than humans. Bigfoot roams from the Arctic to the equator. Bigfoot has a sixth sense.

And most importantly, Bigfoot is very, very, very, very real.

That was the message Tuesday from group of lay researchers who made the rather audacious claims at a sparsely attended news conference at a Dallas recreation center.

“This is a serious business,” said a straight-faced Adrian Erickson, an investigator who spent five years tracking Bigfoot across the land and collecting evidence. “We don’t have a mountain of evidence, we have a mountain range of evidence.”

Billed as offering never-before-seen “Hi-def Bigfoot video,” the event drew a few local TV stations from Dallas as well as the Houston Chronicle’s science reporter, who has spent the last year probing the Bigfoot issue.

The video, alas, proved a disappointment.

The story mentions a character and some alleged Bigfoot DNA that we’ve encountered before. Needless to say, the evidence hasn’t gotten any better with subsequent retellings, and the video evidence is, well, less than overwhelming. Read the story, and the accompanying SciGuy blog post and see for yourself.

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  1. Katy Anders says:

    Someday, one of those things isn’t going to be able to duck as the Google Maps car drives by.

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