Weekend link dump for October 13

Turn that music down! And get off my lawn while you’re at it.

“Fifty-five percent of Americans and 7 out of 10 young people support allowing gay couples to marry. A majority of Republicans, 52 percent, oppose it.”

How to advise someone about buying a new computer.

Lots of schoolchildren need eyeglasses but don’t know it or can’t afford them.

A jellyfish-killing robot has been set loose in the ocean. What could possibly go wrong?

Beware predatory publishing in online scientific journals.

Two words: Dinosaur erotica. I got nothing.

Anthony Kennedy, heal thyself.

From the “Government-funded healthcare for me, but not for thee” department.

There probably are cooler things than having an asteroid named for you, but offhand I can’t think of any.

When the day comes that you don’t have to turn off your portable electronic devices before takeoff and landing, be sure to thank this guy for getting the ball rolling on it.

“The problem isn’t conscience clause legislation so much as what we might call conscience creep: a slow but systematic effort to use religious conscience claims to sidestep laws that should apply to everyone.”

The California recall election, ten years after.

It can’t be said enough: Mariano Rivera is a mensch.

If you’re an Al Jaffee fan – and you should be – you now have a good reason to visit Columbia University.

If the first 19 times you don’t succeed, it’s not clear why you’d want to try again.

Why are we talking about the debt ceiling hostage crisis as if it were just some normal thing and not basically an attempt to invalidate the 2012 election?

I’m not completely opposed to a short-term CR and/or debt ceiling hike if it allows for smarter heads to prevail, but if we’re going to go that route while opening negotiations with the hostage takers, we need to go big or there’s no point. I’ll put the medical device tax on the table, but in return I want 1) the complete abolition of the debt ceiling, so this never happens again; 2) the restoration of pre-sequester spending levels; and 3) some form of economic stimulus, such as a renewal of the payroll tax holiday. Any mention of “deficit reduction” should be met with defenestration.

Do you love or hate grocery store self-checkout? I’m somewhere in between.

Have you ever wanted to design a Muppet? Well, here‘s your chance.

A reason to cheer for the Steelers, even if you’re a Texans or old school Oilers fan.

RIP, Andy Pafko, the Dodgers outfielder who watches Bobby Thomson’s famous homerun in 1951 go over the fence.

Sorry, kids, no more Disney stock certificates for you.

Three words: Drunk dial Congress. You’re welcome.

Good Lord, Rick Reilly is a choad.

RIP, Scott Carpenter, second American astronaut to orbit the Earth.

The most – and least – plausible ways the debt ceiling fiasco gets resolved.

The main problem with this idea will be prioritization. How many of the countless lies and lying pundits can you deal with in a week?

By all means, Republicans, do everything Louie Gohmert tells you to do. The man is a genius.

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