Piling on Judge Pratt

Boy, an awful lot of lawyers have it in for Judge Denise Pratt, and they wrote all about it in a letter sent to other lawyers asking them to call on her to resign.

Judge Denise Pratt

The letter, signed by 32 prominent Houston-area family lawyers was penned by Webster family lawyer Greg Enos, whose criminal complaint sent last month to the district attorney’s office has sparked an investigation, according to county and courthouse sources.

The complaint also led to an internal investigation by the Harris County District Clerk’s office, the keeper of all court records, which led to the resignation late last month of Pratt’s lead clerk.

The Monday letter asks colleagues to support “our effort to get Judge Denise Pratt off the bench for the good of the family bar, the families and children of Harris County and the many excellent family court judges whose re-elections might be endangered with Judge Pratt on the same ballot with them.”

“We are all too familiar with the problems caused by Judge Pratt’s work ethic, her refusal to accept agreements made by parents regarding their children and her rulings which are so frequently delayed or contrary to the law or facts presented in court,” the letter says. “We are ‘sticking our necks out’ to stand up for what is right and asking you to do the same.”

One of the signatories, longtime divorce lawyer Joan Jenkins, said she would have signed the letter just based on all the complaints against Pratt she has heard from reputable lawyers. She said she has, however, experienced problems with Pratt on a case this year that led her to draft a complaint that she sent to Enos for consideration.

“I have never in my entire career experienced a judge that I felt was more corrupt with less actual knowledge of the law and with a poorer work ethic than Judge Pratt,” Jenkins said. “There is really nothing I can say about her that I consider to be representative of a good judge.”

See here and here for the background, and here for a revised and updated criminal complaint against Judge Pratt filed by Enos. I don’t have any insight on this, I’m just watching it all with a wide-eyed sense of amazement. Hair Balls has more.

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2 Responses to Piling on Judge Pratt

  1. Anna Binder says:

    I agree with everything that is written above. For what she has done to my son and his children thru her decisions, her bias opinions, is unspeakable. Whatever it takes to remove her from the bench count me in!I am 88yrs. old but I feel I know right from wrong even so.
    I won’t go into detail,but am willing to if that’s what it takes to remove her.Need a donation for this campaign?I don’t have much but will make one, whatever I can if it helps.

  2. V says:

    My lawyers filed a motion to transfer December 2012 in the 311th. Nothing happened. They then filed an Agreed order to transfer in February. My case is still not transferred. My ex leaves my children overnight at the home of his brother who admitted to me that he molested the young neighbor kids when he was in high school. I can’t even get in front of a judge because judge Pratt won’t sign my order to transfer and both parties have been in Fort Bend county for over 1.5 years. I can’t be heard in Harris county or Fort Bend county courts. My kids need protection by the courts and judge Pratt is making it impossible for me to get an order for him to stop endangering my children. In my eyes she is no better than he. I hope God is protecting my kids because that is ALL I have.

    Who is going to help protect my children? Denise Pratt is tied for last!

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