Re-endorsement watch: Three Council repeats

The Chron reiterates its endorsement in three Council races.

David Robinson:

In the run-off for At-large Council Position 2, there is an especially clear choice facing city voters. Architect David Robinson has the professional skills and lengthy experience as a civic leader to make significant contributions at the council table from Day One.

We endorse Robinson for the Position 2 seat.

Brenda Stardig:

Brenda Stardig has the experience to get things done and deserves voters’ support in the runoff. Stardig has worked her way up the community government ladder, serving as civic club president, head of a superneighborhood, member of the Memorial City TIRZ and the Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Transportation Policy Council. That transportation policy experience will come in handy for her commuter-heavy constituents. For all her sound and fury, incumbent Helena Brown accomplishes little at City Hall. She has not pushed hard for her district, nor has she been an effective force for fiscal responsibility. In our strong mayor form of city government, a single renegade council member cannot hurt the mayor. She can only hurt her constituents.

Graci Garces:

District I promises to encompass some of Houston’s greatest growth over the next six years. Extending from downtown into the East End, the skyscrapers, landmarks and booming neighborhoods of District I make this city council race one of the most important of the election season. Graci Garces will be able to hit the ground running for both the district’s Hispanic families and its Fortune 500 corporations.

These were the easy ones, since the Chron had already endorsed Robinson, Stardig, and Garces in Round One. There are two more Council runoffs, and in those the Chron will need to pick someone else, as they had endorsed Anthony Robinson in D and Rogene Calvert in At Large #3, but neither made the runoff. I have no idea what they might do in these last two races.

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9 Responses to Re-endorsement watch: Three Council repeats

  1. Paul Kubosh says:

    She has not pushed hard for her district.????

    Chroncile editorial board cracks me up. I got nothing. Maybe they endorse Roy because they see Mike as a “controversial city council candidate”. I am sure they heads are exploding right now.

  2. Ross says:

    What has Helena Brown done for her district, other than annoy other council members into voting against her? As far as I can tell, she’s an utter waste of political space. I’m glad she doesn’t represent my district.

  3. N.M. Horwitz says:

    The Chronicle will endorse Boykins. As for AL3, all bets are off. Kubosh will win, we’ve known that much since the epic fail on the part of the sorry Dems, so they have already made a symbolic point of not endorsing the frontrunner.

  4. Noah, I asked this question before, and I’m going to ask it again: What exactly would you have done to prevent the fluke result in AL3? Have someone try to talk Jenifer Pool or Rogene Calvert out of the race? Have someone order Democrats to vote for one of them and not the other? Have someone bribe Brad Batteau to not file? I understand the frustration, but I don’t understand the belief that Someone Should Have Done Something.

    It was a fluke. Shit happens sometimes. The same sort of thing happened in a California Congressional race in 2012 thanks to their new all-in primary system, where two Rs finished first and second over a bigger field of Dems in a Dem district. Short of having someone act as a gatekeeper, I don’t know what there is to be done about it.

  5. Paul kubosh says:

    Do you really have to constantly use the word fluke. Yall are so mad you cant stand it. Didn’t cry this much when Christie won. Give it a rest.

  6. Paul, I don’t mean that disrespectfully. I mean it in the sense that 54% of the vote was split among Democratic candidates, but the top two finishers were Republicans. If you were to simulate those conditions via computer program, you’d get this kind of result a very small percentage of the time. It took a fairly specific set of circumstances for it to happen, since Pool and Calvert were so close together in the voting. That’s the definition of a fluke.

    Just to be clear, the fluke wasn’t Michael Kubosh finishing first. Most people, myself included, expected him to be in the runoff. The fluke was Roy finishing second. I guarantee you, very few people saw that coming.

    And for the record, I am saying we Dems should get over it. That’s my whole point.

  7. Paul kubosh says:

    Thanks Charles I agree roy surprised me. We expected rogene. I am at a playoff game..we are losing and I am to sensitive. I am going to cut off my phone now.

  8. Spike says:

    The people in District A who support Helena Brown think she’s doing a wonderful job. Why? The Tea Partiers don’t pay attention to the “liberal media.”

  9. joshua ben bullard says:

    I called it rogene calvert in second place,i was incorrect because of two main factors,i underestmiated the glbt caucas card=my hat is off to my friends at the glbt,you folks suited up and showed up and hit the ballot box with a voting force I wasn’t expecting.I had kubosh at first or third,i got that one correct,i never placed him in second,he either was going first or third but with the alignment of endorsments would never have gave mike kubosh a second place finish(had I been privy to his campaign strategy)I would have called him first a month before early vote,what I cant figure out for the life of me,is why did the glbt endorse Jennifer rene poole over rogene,if the glbt would have went rogene then rogene would have hit second place and kubosh first,the glbt must have not seen that by endorsing jeenifer rene poole for a second time would automatically take poole and rogene out of the race,maybe the glbt was supporting mike kubosh from the on set, it makes since to me,if you really think about it.
    mike kubosh 58.3% roy morales 41.7% these are the run off election night results if anyone cares to receive them in advance. Joshua ben bullard

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