Kim Ogg officially files for DA

This is the marquee matchup in Harris County in November, at least so far.

Kim Ogg

Kim Ogg, the only Democratic yet to announce a bid for Harris County district attorney, said Monday that most voters do not identify with a particular party when it comes to criminal justice races.

“I think the race for Harris County’s criminal district attorney is potentially less partisan than other traditional legislative races,” Ogg said at her official filing at the Harris County Democratic Headquarters.

The former prosecutor who ran Crime Stoppers of Houston from 1999 to 2006 also said recent gains made by Democrats give her confidence.

“I think Harris County poses the greatest opportunity to reflect the change that’s happening in Houston, in Texas and in America,” Ogg said. “So I look forward to representing the Democratic Party as their nominee after the (primary) election in March.”


[On Monday,] Ogg said she would return the office to the [“trace case”] policy begun by [Pat] Lykos, whose position was that a tiny amount, less than 1/100 of a gram, was not enough to be tested by the prosecution and defense.

See here and here for the background. As you know, I support the Lykos “trace case” policy, so I am glad to see Kim Ogg take that position. I will be very interested to hear what she has to say about reviewing cases under the mandate of SB344 as well.

In related news, I get a daily report from the HCDP about who has filed for what, and I can report that Judith Snively has filed to run for District Clerk. Snively was a candidate for Harris County Criminal Court #3 in 2010 and did us all the favor of defeating Lloyd Oliver for the nomination in that race. Incumbent District Clerk Chris Daniel has a primary challenger, Court Koenning, but I was not aware of any Dem running for this office until just recently. Two candidates for other offices that had previously made their intentions known, David Rosen for Treasurer and Traci Jensen for HCDE Position 7 At Large, have also officially filed, and Ann Harris Bennett, who will run for County Clerk, sent out an email announcing that she will file on December 7. All incumbent Democratic State Reps except for Harold Dutton have filed so far. Finally, we have our first two legislative challengers, as an Alison Ruff has filed for HD134 and a John Gay filed for the open HD129. I had been aware of another person looking at the HD134 race, though she has since decided against it, but Ms. Ruff is a new name to me. Anyone out there know anything about her?

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2 Responses to Kim Ogg officially files for DA

  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    one of kim oggs very first trials,was in 1991 in the state of texas vs wilton earl bethany tdcj number 631360,he was a 16year old teenager that had turned 17 years old by mere days when a southwest houston crime spree took place between 18 year old ponchai wilkerson and bethany,ponchai was convicted of capital murder as the teenager bethany was not the shooter,kim ogg wasnt allowed to try the ponchai case but rather was given the lesser case with bethany,kim tried the case to the now former judge bob burdette=the one that kept getting all the dwi cases…..back in the early 1990s=kims chain off command with the murder weapon never lead to wilton bethany rather another young man that kim used as her “dealed witness” he even admitted on the stand that he had lied on his sworn affidavit(that didnt bother kim ogg none)=she just kept right on with her perjuried witness,that was actually the one identified as the purchaser of the shotgun=not bethany=she kept the full prosecution on the young teenager wilton bethany,the non shooter,the one that had turned 17 by mere days=kim ogg for harris county da demanded that the court sentence the young man to life in prison=which judge burdette was more than happy to do=these are my voter concerns about kim ogg.What kind of prosecuter takes a 16 turned 17 year old kid,that isnt the shooter and uses a perjuried prosecutor witness aginst the kid,sends the kid to prison for life and then thinks its ok to be the county da=

    not on my watch joshua ben bullard

  2. Manuel Barrera says:

    A good person.

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