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The Lloyd Oliver Tree

I was at HCDP headquarters on Monday night, participating in a panel discussion hosted by the Texas Democratic Women of Harris County along with my friends Perry and Neil. On the back wall of the main room is a big listing of all offices that will be on the ballot this year and the signatures of candidates that have filed for these offices. I took a look at it that night and heaved a sigh as I came across a familiar and unwanted name – Lloyd Oliver has filed to run for District Attorney again, thus pitting him against Kim Ogg in the March primary.

That was one of the subjects we discussed on the panel Monday night. I suppose the good news about Lloyd Oliver’s surprise victory in the 2012 primary is that now he’s at least slightly less obscure than he was before. Two years ago he was just a familiar name on the ballot. Now one would hope that more people realize that he’s a toxic black hole on the ballot. No good Democrat wants him on the November ballot. The HCDP’s well-intentioned but wrong effort to boot him from the ballot after his upset win means the party has no official reason to maintain its policy of neutrality in that race. They can, and should, openly support Kim Ogg for the nomination. Everyone else who cares about putting our best ticket forward also needs to get off the sidelines and spread the word. Everyone endorsed Zack Fertitta in 2012, but that’s not enough. Publicize those endorsements beyond your own membership – if you have a webpage or Facebook page, post them there – and highlight this race, the candidates, and the right choice of Kim Ogg. We cannot take anything for granted, because we know what can happen if we do. Texpatriate has more.

Other filing news of interest: Rita Lucido officially filed to challenge Sen. Joan Huffman in SD17. If you like the idea of more strong, pro-choice women in Texas government, you will very much want to check her out. I met Alison Ruff, who has filed for HD134, at the Monday event, and I look forward to hearing more from her. A fellow named Moiz Abbas has filed in HD135, and a fellow named Luis Lopez is set to file in HD132. As you know, those are the two Republican-held districts in which Dems gained ground in 2012 over 2008, and HD132 is now an open seat, so I’m particularly encouraged by that news. I don’t know much about either of these gentlemen right now, but I’m sure I will learn more as we go on. If you’re aware of other filings or soon-to-be-filings, leave a comment and let us know.

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13 Responses to He’s baaaack

  1. joshua bullard says:

    I made this announcment on this site about olivers intent.not the charles ever gives me my due credit.

  2. PDiddie says:

    Joshua: You need your own blog. And the local blogosphere needs more people of color.

    I have permanent links to Egberto Willies — who has one of the best blogs in the United States, by the way — and Durrel Davis and Isiah Carey, and would be happy to promote yours as well.

  3. Carl Whitmarsh says:

    And who cares who gets credit.. I don’t read or contribute to massage egos, I want fact and educated opinion based on fact. I would be embarrassed to ask someone to give me credit for a comment I make…..but of course that’s just me and I don’t tend to toot my own horn in public a lot…don’t have to.
    Charles does a great job here with his blog and then allowing folks to post their comments without moderation or a lot of his opinion based on what folks say. If you need credit, start your own blog or become a consultant and hire out.
    Talk about one of the best blogs in Texas….when it all started, it started right here with Kuff, and I’ll put his readership up against anyone’s bar none.

  4. joshua ben bullard says:

    its beyond that=kuffner is borderlins discriminating against my free will speech and expression of ideas=a few years ago he almost tried to run me off=its not about me individually=its about kuffner wrighting”oh my god look whos a coming””‘ and me saying”who you kidding kuffner, I told you a month ago oliver was running” I understand Charlie kuff infuses a level of entertainment but damn=if I am giving you the good business a month in advance can I at least get a good call or something.kuffners search engine will verifie my statements.

    oliver vs kim ogg is going to be the race to watch on the dem side.

  5. Joshua, I’m sorry, but what you just said is a baldfaced lie. I have never, ever done anything to you, and I have never tried to “run you off”. I don’t have any idea what you’re talking about.

    As for your scoop, if you “informed” me about Lloyd Oliver running again by leaving a comment, I’m afraid I have some bad news for you: I generally don’t bother reading your comments. I was at HCDP headquarters Monday night. I saw Lloyd Oliver’s name on the list of candidates that had filed. That’s what I wrote. If the people in my audience that are more diligent about reading your comments than I am knew about this earlier, then good for them and good for you.

  6. Bill says:

    Clearly Charles is doing this for the money.

  7. Greg Wythe says:

    Would this be a good time to bring up Joshua’s “free will speech” prediction of MJ Khan winning HD137 over Sarah Winkler in 2012?

  8. N.M. Horwitz says:

    I will officially second the motion to have Joshua set up his own blog. I’m legitimately curious…

  9. Doug Hunter says:

    Let’s be honest folks. Joshua’s difficulties with the English language make his contributions difficult to comprehend most of the time so many of us just skip them. I suspect that calls for his starting up his own blog are just to get rid of him too since his agenda weakens even his best comments; the whole “give me credit” line proves this as does that “borderline discrimination” charges.

    Otherwise, I completely disagree with Charles’ statement that “No good Democrat wants him on the November ballot” regarding Oliver. A lot of “good Democrats” do silly things for foolish reasons (the same as their counterparts) so while Ogg is a superior, if also flawed choice, painting with such a broad brush seems unreasonable.

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  11. Manuel Barrera says:

    How does one define a good democrat? I know Kim Ogg and if I vote in the Democratic primary I will vote for her. But I am curious as to how one defines a good Democrat?

  12. Mainstream says:

    The delightful irony is that Kim Ogg ran as a Republican for judge here in Harris County some years ago.

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