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Saturday video break: Existential Blues

Just because, that’s why.

I’ve actually been to Butte, Montana. It was back in 1996, while in the Copper State for my brother’s wedding, which was held in Missoula. Much of the extended family was there for several days, and I think two days before the actual wedding, some of us piled into a couple of rented minivans to haul 100 or so miles east to Butte to see a baseball game, featuring the hometown Butte Copper Kings. It also gave my uncle Dan an excuse to “drive 90 on I-90”, but that’s neither here nor there. In any event, I regret that I did not take the occasion as we rolled into town to exclaim “Is this really Butte, Montana, or just existential blues?” Not that anyone in the car would have gotten it, but that’s not the point. Life only hands you so many made-to-order straight lines, and one must grab them when one can. Maybe next time.

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