Hearing set for gay marriage lawsuit

Mark your calendars.


A San Antonio judge Tuesday scheduled a hearing in February to consider temporarily blocking Texas’ same-sex marriage ban.


Federal District Judge Orlando Garcia set the Texas hearing for February 12 at 9:30 a.m. at the John H. Wood, Jr. United States Courthouse in San Antonio.

If the judge grants the injunction, the case will be eligible for immediate appeal to the U.S. Fifth Circuit of Appeals in New Orleans.

The plaintiffs include Cleopatra De Leon and Nicole Dimetman, a lesbian couple in Austin who were legally married in Massachusetts in 2009 and Vic Holmes and Mark Phariss of Plano.

A lawyer for the couple has said if the case gets to the Supreme Court, the two Texas couples would join plaintiffs in the other seven cases to challenge same-sex marriage bans.

Let me save everyone some time here. If Judge Garcia grants the injunction, the Fifth Circuit will come up with some bullshit reason to overturn it, and the Supreme Court will decline to hear the appeal. Thus, traditional marriage will remain sanctified until at least the end of the actual trial. The only difference will be the level of freakout among the “defenders” of traditional marriage, which will be way beyond 11 at that point. Panic will be sown, funds will be raised, hate will spew forth, you get the idea. But nothing will change just yet. It’s coming, you can bet on that, but it won’t happen on or around February 12, 2014. Texpatriate has more.

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3 Responses to Hearing set for gay marriage lawsuit

  1. Sounds like the right scenario on the injunction. The actual trial, no matter which side wins, will ultimately go to the Supremes, who will then be forced to consider what they dodged in DOMA and Prop. 8 earlier this year … the full faith and credit clause.

  2. Bill Daniels says:

    I’m glad Texas is so flush with cash that it has nothing better to do with the taxpayer’s money than to tilt at moral windmills. I mean, our roads and schools are great, tuition at state universities is at an all time low, our border with Mexico is secure, we don’t have to resort to making all of our roads toll roads, etc. We are riding so high that, we, the taxpayers of Texas, can afford to waste money being the morality police, keeping separate and unequal the law of the state. Sweet. Hey, while we are at it, let’s waste money to sue some abortionists, too. Maybe Texas can also join Mayor Parker in shaking down strip clubs for more money.

    What’s so hard about government treating people equally, and letting consenting adults make their own decisions? If two gays want to get married and have it recognized by the state, let them. If consenting adults want to strip and provide “other” services in private, let them. The fact that these gay couples are having to sue to be treated like other people by their own government is…..shameful.

    True freedom means freedom for everyone, up until the point they hurt others with their behavior. It doesn’t mean, freedom, only if the government approves of your actions. Rick Perry and Mayor Parker need to attend remedial civics class, apparently.

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