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Weekend link dump for December 22

A link dump for kids from one to ninety-two…

A long but provocative read on smarm and snark.

From the Is Our Children Learning? department.

RIP, Peter O’Toole, and RIP, Joan Fontaine. Hollywood is a little less royal today.

Sergio Aragones draws 60 years of MAD Magazine history in a single pullout poster. A full size version of said poster sure would be nice.

Piling on Katie Couric for her vaccination irresponsibility again.

There are three ways to respond to Ross Douthat, the Kilgore way, the TBogg way, and the Marcotte way.

Those of you that are fans of Prince, this is relevant to your interests.

An oral history of the nerd villain trio from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

“The thing about politicians is that they take positions and perform official actions that give great insight into whether and how much they care about regular people. That’s the place to look if you want to know who they really are.”

When Andrew Sullivan is right, he’s right.

RIP, Harold Camping, most famous for those failed Rapture predictions he made in 2011.

I swing both ways on the “y’all” or “you guys” question, as befits my New York upbringing and my longtime Texas residency.

I would like to state categorically and for the record that I am not a candidate for the head coaching job at UT.

Take a hostage, any hostage, doesn’t really matter which.

“In fact we went back a few weeks ago to see if this was a phenomenon that was confined only to the women, and we actually found a few virgin fathers as well — which is a little harder to get your head around.”

The sports blackout rule may soon be lifted.

“The situation’s improved since then, but there remain many, many more votes lost because of flawed ballots or attrition from long lines than votes canceled out out by the confirmed ballot of a non-citizen.”

“Perhaps inevitably, at every political stress point liberals knock themselves out urging Obama to say precisely the things he’s been saying nonstop since he first appeared on our horizon.”

RIP, Al Goldstein, 70’s era porn pioneer.

“He reminds me of a character from the novel The Color Purple who was under the false presumption that the black maid who took care of her family actually felt any sympathy or love for her or her parents.”

“Of course A&E wasn’t going to put racist, homophobic rants on the air—it never would have survived the backlash. But if the network were true to the genre, it would have showed America the unedited Phil Robertson, not because his views reflect those of the network, but because it is, you know, reality.”

As always, when in doubt read what Ta-Nehisi has to say, and you’ll arrive at the right place.

“I’m trying to think of something snarky and/or witty to say about this . . . but it’s a sausage and bacon nativity scene. A SAUSAGE AND BACON NATIVITY SCENE. There are no words.”

Why the Obama = Bush meme fails.

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