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Weekend link dump for January 12

First world problems are still problems worth solving.

When Captain America wears a turban, it’s pretty cool.

As The Slacktivist often says, they are coming for your birth control. Don’t be surprised by it.

“As a result, Netflix can’t, any longer, aspire to be the service which allows you to watch the movies you want to watch.”

“For everyone else – roughly 90% of the US population – there has been no jump in income share relative to ten or 20 years ago to offset what now looks to be a permanent lost decade. On the contrary, the bottom 90% has continued to lose ground.”

“But why go after marijuana for its second-order effects? Why not just ban stupidity, laziness, obesity, unambitious taste, or whatever social ills are of concern to national opinion columnists?”

Forget gravity and electromagnetism. Racial animus is the strongest force in the universe.

Legal or not, you can still get fired for smoking pot. Let the toker beware.

RIP, Jerry Coleman, Yankee second baseman, Ford Frick Award-winning broadcaster for the San Diego Padres, and owner of two Distinguished Flying Crosses and 20 Air Medals for service in WWII and the Korean War.

The Tiger Mom is back to tell us all how we’re not measuring up.

There’s a Henny Youngman documentary in the works, with a Kickstarter campaign to which you can contribute.

“Obamacare will cease to be the something certain to destroy Obama and become something Obama has gotten away with.”

Click farms are the new sweatshops. I wonder how ad providers are going to deal with this.

Your reminder that the Daily Caller is a joke.

The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, in addition to being terrible on voting rights and reproductive freedom, just set the clock back 50 years on employees’ rights.

How did Superman first take off as a newspaper comic strip?

An oral history of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic Baby Got Back music video.

“The 7-foot-tall monument would include a goat-headed Baphomet figure sitting cross-legged on a stone slab, flanked by two smiling children. The monument would also include quotes from poets Lord Byron and William Blake.”

A must read about the harassment and violent threats that many women have to deal with online.

And a must read followup to the link above.

I suppose it’s just a matter of time before Ted Cruz’s father endorses a challenger to Ted Cruz because Ted Cruz isn’t conservative enough and is part of the establishment.

You may be coping with the Srirachapocalypse, but can you survive the Velveetapocalypse, too?

“A growing body of evidence suggests that the open office undermines the very things that it was designed to achieve.”

Our nation’s first openly Pastafarian politician has been sworn into office.

“The dirty truth about American health care is that it costs more not because insurers are so powerful, but because they’re so weak.”

I’m pretty sure there will never be another politician like Bill Young again in America.

We should bring the Election Assistance Commission back.

A requiem for NBC’s soon-to-be-former studio in Beautiful Downtown Burbank. Mark Evanier remembers it well.

Not surprisingly, the BBWAA has dropped the hammer on the writer who sold his Hall of Fame vote to Deadspin.

An alternate theory of the Chris Christie scandal.

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