Interview with Damian LaCroix

Damian LaCroix

Damian LaCroix

Challenging Sen. John Whitmire in SD15 is attorney Damian LaCroix, who as noted before had been a candidate for judge in 2010. LaCroix is a Houston native and graduate of Texas A&M and SMU law school. As Sen. Whitmire touted his experience in his interview, LaCroix advocates for a change and for new leadership. I suspect that factor will be critical to the decisionmaking for SD15 voters.

I had originally intended to use SoundCloud only for Sen. Whitmire’s interview, pending feedback on it. In the interest of fairness and uniformity, I decided to use it for LaCroix’s interview as well. I’ll decide about using it or not going forward later this week. Please note that for each interview, there’s a Download link on the Soundcloud widget if you’d rather listen to the MP3 file via your own player. Let me know if you have any problems with that. Here’s the interview:

You can see all of my interviews as well as finance reports and other information on candidates on my 2014 Election page.

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6 Responses to Interview with Damian LaCroix

  1. joshua ben bullard says:

    Damian has a long tough road ahead of him ive begun to wonder if since he is a lawyer he is doing this just to market himself for business,if so, I don’t think a political race is the proper venue to increase your law practice,but most importantly ive never seen damian in the communities fighting for the greater good,this guy appears to have appeared from no where..

    I am calling this race 74% john whitmire and 36% damian………….

    Joshua ben bullard

  2. Mainstream says:

    Joshua, your math skills amaze me. You must mean 74-26.

  3. joshua bullard says:

    Mainstream-congrats.u finally got me-there approximates-ranges.not limited to within 100%

  4. Mike Foster says:

    I think LaCroix’s interview was very good. I agree with his point that Juan Castro, Joaquin Castro and Wendy Davis are the Democrats who are exciting the base of the party. They’re young and represent the future of the Democratic Party in Texas. LaCroix seemed confident that Texas would turn blue faster and that Wendy Davis has a better chance of winning if he were to beat Sen. Whitmire. Sen. Whitmire seemed pessimistic about Wendy Davis’ chance of winning during his interview. I agree with LaCroix that 40 years in office is long enough and that other qualified candidates should be given a chance. Although he has an uphill challenge of beating Sen. Whitmire, I like what LaCroix stands for and respect him for having the cojones to challenge Sen. Whitmire. I think LaCroix can be an asset to Wendy Davis and help her win and be our next Governor. I hope LaCroix is able to pull it off and beat Sen. Whitmire. Good luck LaCroix!

  5. Mainstream says:

    I am expecting LaCroix will win. Of course, I also thought that Brad Batteau would make the City Council #3 run-off. I suspect data would show that between 55% and 60% of those participating in the SD 15 Democrat primary next March will be black. Unless LaCroix lacks roots in the black community and respect from his peers, this would seem to provide him with a fair shot at an upset. Moreover, I suspect the more exciting and contested GOP primary this cycle will draw voters who might normally vote for Whitmire. But we’ll see.

  6. Tim Bacon says:

    Apparently, LaCroix doesn’t know how the Senate works. He seems to think that if he’s elected, he can choose to do more about pubic education than Whitmire does. Fat chance! A freshman senator can vote, of course, and can even write bills. The chance of those bills being heard by committee are slim. And the chance of LaCroix being appointed to the ed committee would be next to none. Meanwhile, if Whitmire is returned to the Senate, he will continue his constant support for improving public education instead of the current leadership’s attempts to starve it to death. Electing LaCroix would be wiping out all the influence the district has in the Senate. Bad idea.

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