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TRO against Wilson lifted

He gets to take his seat. After that, I don’t know what happens.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

A judge Wednesday declined to prohibit small businessman and anti-gay activist Dave Wilson from taking his seat at the first meeting of the board of the Houston Community College Thursday.

State District Judge Brent Gamble turned back efforts by the Harris County Attorney’s Office to get a new temporary restraining order to keep Wilson from taking the dais as questions about his residency are litigated.

Another civil court judge had previously granted a restraining order prohibiting Wilson from taking the oath of office and declined to issue another one, saying the issues raised around Wilson will be heard in the court where the case landed when it was filed in December.

Wilson’s position is that he was not properly served with the restraining order before taking the oath at the beginning of the year after being elected in November.

This is the early story – it wasn’t on the site by the time I went to bed – so I don’t know what Judge Gamble’s reasoning was. From this, it seems he can be seated but not take the oath of office, and I have no idea what that means. Nor do I know what happens if Judge Engelhart eventually rules that Wilson was ineligible for the ballot. So for at least one meeting, Wilson gets to be a trustee, and sometime after next week we find out if there’s an asterisk next to his name or not.

UPDATE: The paywall story is the same is the version, so that’s all we’ve got for now.

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  1. Manuel Barrera says:

    The issue next week is, was a TRO a proper vehicle to use? The Residency suit if it get that far may be months or years away.

    The news media has done a disservice to the community by not properly reporting what is occurring.

    Vince Ryan has done a disservice to his office, again. Maybe it is time the Democrats find some one that is honorable.

    Wonder if the Vince Ryan will go after that Democrat that is running for judge? The candidate is using a commercial address.

    How many people really think that Anthony Hall’s daughter, she is running for judge, lives in Sunnyside in a house that is registered to a Latina?

    Sources tell me that the lights at Jessica Farrar’s house are always off, where does she really stay?

    Ana Hernandez has a house in Denver Harbor her husband has a house in the Heights. Where do you think they spend most of their time? She grew in Denver Harbor moved out and then claimed that she resided with her parents to run.

    Where does Adriana Tamez stay at night, at the house in the district where her parents live? In the town house on Allen Parkway, or maybe the condo she owns in the Greenway Plaza area?

    You know that Ed Gonzalez did not live in the District when he ran, right?

    Karen Derr had or has a million dollar home in Galveston but chooses to live in the Heights I believe.

    Ellen Cohen had to change addresses to run for office.

    Jack Christie ran from an address that is a commercial building when he defeated Jolanda Jones.

    HCC is almost $20 million dollars short and is talking about laying off staff and pay cuts for them. Enrollment is down and was never busting at the seams. They have hundreds of million of dollars in revenue bonds tied to student tuition. Tuition has been going up because of that they may price themselves out of the market. Students from certain areas can now attend Lone Star at District costs. Qatar has not made money and the money in the account at one point completely disappeared.

    Ask yourself why Richard Schechter is so involved with HCC now but chose to walk away as trustee. His daughter had a contract with an HCC vendor while he was a trustee. Where is the disgust with him?

  2. Gary Fernandez says:

    Poor Mannuel. Always the bridesmaid.