Interview with Kinky Friedman

Kinky Friedman

Kinky Friedman

We come to my last set of interviews for the primary season, the Democratic race for Ag Commissioner. Some primaries feature candidates that don’t differ all that much. This race is not one of those. Making his second run for Ag Commissioner and third statewide campaign is musician/comedian/entrepreneur Kinky Friedman. As you’ve likely heard, Friedman has based his candidacy on advocacy for the legalization of marijuana. He’s passionate and sincere about it, but it’s fair to say that he faces a skeptical primary electorate, given his 2006 run for Governor as an independent. I’ve certainly been one of those skeptics, but in a year with an open seat and an opponent that will likely have no statewide profile, he might be in a good position to leverage his celebrity and his unorthodox issue advocacy for good. These were the things we discussed in the interview:

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  1. PDiddie says:

    “He forgets to beat up his wife, and has a bag of Cheetos instead”. (About 7 minutes in, everyone.)

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